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[Review] G4 - Saturday talks - Luciana Carro

So, we continued in the saturday's talks.
Today, the guest star is Luciana Carro!

Transcriptor: hobbitofkobol 
Thanks also to trucdeboulay  and aurelianne 

NOTE from hobbitofkobol : Her answers were very fast and quite short so I’m missing some of the… questions.

Please credit the community if you use part of it!

Luciana Carro's gallery

Her High School theatre teacher was Neve Campbell’s dad

1/ How do you divide your time between the different media?
She’d really like to go back into theatre. The ideal situation for her would be to be on TV to make some money to be able to do theatre as it doesn’t pay much.

2/ What would be your dream role?

She feels like she’s strong in many areas. She’d like to do a romantic comedy with a hot actor (her example: Josh Harnett).

3/ Do you speak any foreign language?
She speaks Italian, and a bit of French (“Québécois”).

4/ (what was this question? Can’t remember)
“We all eat together.” (yes, that’s the extent of my notes on this…)

5/ Question about her debut in the music business.

She was surprised and embarrassed that people knew about it. She only says one word (“God”).
“You find everything!”

6/ Question about how they shoot the Viper scenes on BSG
There are some guys moving the ship around, and the camera moves too. She pulled her neck filming her first episode, she didn’t realize at first that you just had to sit there.

7/ Any places you’re going to visit in Europe?
She was to stay in London for about a week and a half, then in Rome and Barcelona.
Then she pointed at us and said that she might go to Paris after having being talked into it by us French girls.

8/ Which other BSG character would you like to play?
She’d like to play Boomer, as she’s a Cylon and has a lot of scenes… or Six.

9/ She knows who the Final Cylon is… :p

10/ Do you keep in touch with the BSG cast?
She keeps in touch with Eddie, Bodie, Grace, Nicki, Kandyse…
She was there for the final day of shooting. Many of them know each other from the Vancouver acting scene anyway.

11/ If you could play a guy on BSG, who would that be?
She’d like to play Lee Adama because he’s a [can’t read my own writing!], or Adama.

12/ How was your relationship with EJO, any specific scenes you liked?
She said Eddie is an amazing person with a really big heart. He’s like everyone’s father. Her last scene with him was very sad to shoot (her last scene on the show was the last she shot too). But she was also happy to get such a good scene with him.

13/ Any special moment on the set you’d like to share?

Her last day was very emotional, she didn’t realize how much these people loved her until they called wrap and everyone was crying. It was very touching.

14/ Did you steal any props from the show?
She got her dogtags.

15/ Colonel Tigh laugh imitation ;)

16/ If you could take one thing from the set?
Her flightsuit or her Viper.

17/ What’s the difference between L.A. and Vancouver?
It rains a lot in Vancouver and the acting crowd is smaller.

18/ If you could star in any British series?

Absolutely Fabulous because it’s funny.

19/ Who was your favourite actor to work with?

Al Pacino was great. She worked with him in “Two for the Money”, a small role but she got to hang out with him. He liked looking at her breast (lol).

20/ Who would you like to work with?
Meryll Streep, as she’s her favourite actress. Angelina Jolie, Robert De Niro.

21/ Any funny stories from shooting movies?
Dr Dolittle 3 was fun because they got to launch eggs to each other for a scene.

22/ What was your favourite character to play?
It was her character on Everwood because she was like a girl next door.

23/ Which person inspires you?
Terry Fox. He was a man who had cancer and ran across Canada with only one leg. He didn’t make it but became a huge inspiration.

 24/ What’s your favourite Meryll Streep movie?
The Bridges of Madison County

25/ No specific audition stories to share

26/ What was your worst scene to shoot on BSG?
It was at the beginning of season 2, when the Cylons invaded the Galactica. They basically ran around in the halls for 12 hours until 3:00am. Rymer takes forever to shoot a scene.

27/ ?

28/ Among the BSG scenes you didn’t shoot, which one is your favourite?
At the beginning of season 3, when Kara keeps killing Leoben and then eats her steak.
She’s a huge BSG fan and watches it like a fan, even though she knows what’s going to happen next.

29/ Her favourite part from “Scar” was a cut scene with Kat on Starbuck’s shoulders, chanting.
Apparently this episode made Katee upset. :p

30/ She’d like too do more comedy, a sitcom or a romantic comedy.

31/ Do you pay attention to things about you on the internet?
Sometimes. Once when she couldn’t sleep, she looked herself up and found a YouTube fanvid about her character and it was spot-on. She left a comment about how much she liked it and then the vidder wrote a blog about her comment, saying it was fake and that someone was pretended to be Luciana and criticized her spelling.

32/ If you could play any character from anything ever…
It would be Sophia Loren’s character in Two Women (I think).

33/ Any “missed” roles?

34/ If you could have had a romantic scene with someone on BSG?
She would have liked a scene with another pilot like Hotdog, Anders, Apollo… or Leoben, she thinks it’d have been interesting if Kat had an affair with a Cylon.

35/ sth about the Final Five?
Sorry, didn’t get that

36/ What was your favourite toy as a child?

She’s a huge Barbie collector and owns 300 of them.

37/ The identity of the Final Cylon surprised her.

38/ She likes playing tough, strong female characters.

39/ Which TV shows are you a fan of?
The Sopranos, The Cosby Show, I love Lucy, Six Feet Under, Lipstick Jungle, Sex & the City

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