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[Review] G4 - Saturday talks - Rick Worthy

Last talk of the saturday, Rick Worthy aka Simon the cylon

Transcriptor: hobbitofkobol 
Thanks also to trucdeboulay   and aurelianne 

As always: Please credit the community if you use part of it!

More pictures here

It was his first convention and first time in Europe!

1/ About the Magnificent Seven series.
It was his first TV show. He was terrified during the audition as he really wanted to get the part. He lied and said he was a Master Horseman. But then he actually got really good at it. It’s one of his Top 2 or 3 jobs.

2/ About Star Trek
It was the “best job in town”. It was his first job in L.A. and he lived within a walking distance from the studios. And he got to play so many different things like a robot, a Klingon, a crew member…

3/ About Eyes
It’s in his Top 3 list of the best jobs he had. He wasn’t working much and thinking of leaving the industry at that time.
“Either God wants me to be in this industry, or he doesn’t. Or SHE doesn’t.”
It was very interesting to play as the role was a slightly mental homosexual detective and “I’m nothing like that”. One of the best characters he’s done.
He had no problem with playing a gay character.

4/ About Simon the Cylon
“He’s just a sick man.”
He sees him as the thinker, the scientist among the Cylons.
In some episodes he just had one line, like “Hybrid!”. Or he just had to be looking at Lucy Lawless. Or he got assassinated twice.
:::SPOILER (tiny):::
 “I have some really good stuff happening with Grace Park. You won’t be disappointed.”

5/ So what was this third best job?
It was SG-1. He was able too do a lot of the stunts. But not all of them, though his mom told him “You look great!” – “Thanks, mom! That’s not me, but thanks!’
SG-1 was also a special experience because of Chris Judge who took time to have lunch with him, to get to know him, show him around…

6/ He was there on the last day of shooting BSG and wants to make sure to TiVo it.

7/ Which show would you love to be on?

“I love CSI:Miami.” (He knows someone who’s on it, but I can’t remember who?)
NYPD Blue.

8/ All-time favourite movies?
-    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
-    Raging Bull
-    Lust, Caution
-    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

He watched a lot of Asian movies over the last few years.
He saw Iron Man 7 times. But his favourite superhero movie is Superman (the first one with Reeves).

9/ About Seven Days
He played a soldier in Bosnia who lost his life trying to steal money. In the episode, he goes back seven days and decides to save a village rather than stealing money… and gets killed anyway.
“I wish I could go back 7 days and… find my contact lense.”

10/ If you could have a superpower?
He’d like to fly and also be superstrong in case he encounters a plane.

11/ How did you get into acting?
He became an actor on stage. He had to work on the transition between stage and camera. On stage you have to project your voice, which is okay on scifi shows when you’re covered in makeup and prosthesis but not on things like cop shows.

12/ Have you ever had to learn special skills for an acting job?
He had to “fly” using wirework, and to learn multiple combat techniques for “Fallen”.
Once he was too tired to maintain his guard and got literally knocked out. The last thing he heard was “cut”.

13/ Do you sing?
He loves karaoke. After a few shots of Tequila, he would sing anything.

14/ Were you a fan of BSG before being on it?
He had seen the original series and loved the Cylons. He knew the re-imagined series was going to be good when he saw EJO’s head on a billboard. He loved it so much that he watched the miniseries twice in a row. He’s honoured to be on the show and thinks it’s the best thing on TV.

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Sep. 19th, 2008 05:33 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for posting these! I'm a bad listener and they were great to read. :D
Sep. 25th, 2008 10:20 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! I'm glad it helps you :D
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