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[Review] G4 - Sunday talks - Jamie Bamber

The first talk of the sunday was Jamie Bamber!

Transcriptor: hobbitofkobol 
Thanks also to trucdeboulay    and aurelianne 

As always: Please credit the community if you use part of it!

All the pictures are here

As this took place after his photoshoot session, we had already met him so after the usual greetings, he also did these in French.

 1/ Can you say something in Welsh?
(sth in Welsh, obviously…)

2/ What will you be working on in the UK?
He's going to be on Law&Order: UK. He was to start shooting in a couple of weeks (= end of August), ending in April, for a total amount of 13 episodes.
It's going to be lovely for him to play an English character as he hasn't done it in a while.
The situation is a bit stressful, a lot of things have to be organized, like finding a school for the kids in just 2 weeks.

3/ Any funny stories from the BSG set?
He has a bad memory about this. As it's a dark bleak show, fun was needed to break the mood.
There's a story about the sound guy making him say "_____" (I didn't write it down…)
"We literally love each other." Leaving the show was "worse than leaving school."

4/ Do you intend to do any more stage work? (the person who asked this saw him in a play)
"First of all thank you for coming [to plays] because otherwise we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves."
"The Tempest is a scifi play."

 5/ Do you enjoy working with an accent?
It's extraordinarily difficult. Using an accent that is not yours makes it harder to play a scene differently, like a laugh in the middle of a dramatic scene for instance. He loves it though because it's challenging. He'd love to do a NY accent, or an Irish one.
He loves accents in general because they're sneaky clues indicating where people come from.

6/ Can you talk about that very emotional scene with EJO from Revelations?
It was shot in October/November 07. First he went to watch the scene about Tigh revealing his Cylon nature to Adama. Michael Hogan was incredible. This scene is amazing because these two old friends are basically married to each other and it's like Tigh is announcing that he's been cheating on him the whole time.
Eddie Olmos spent so many years playing such a restrained character that every director wanted to shoot the moment he loses his shit. Rymer was especially pushing it. Adama is gradually opening up until the last episode. It's hard to see the pillar, the anchor of the fleet, be a mess.

7/ Is there a moment that sums up your time on BSG?

The final jump in Revelations, the scene in the CIC. The actors' journey mirrored the characters' journey. When Mary said "Let's go home", he got spooked.
The iconic images from the show are for him:
-         the CIC
-         the Vipers
-         Six in a red dress
-         Eddie looking at a Dradis screen looking angry

8/ How do you feel about having Roslin as a step-mother?
"She's been that all along." She would be a great one.
"My heart bleeds for that character. She started off as Jimmy Carter and finishes like George Bush!"

9/ What's your favourite episode?
It's the very last one. (!!!)
It was the best script of the show, there wasn't anyone who didn't love it. Everyone was in tears reading it, it was kinda pathetic.
His favourite episode from those we've seen is still 33.

 10/ What's the difference between working in the US and in the UK?

There's not much difference. The main difference is with food. On the BSG set catering was amzing, you could eat anything you wanted, when you wanted… "and you saw what it did to me at the end of season 2."
There's more money in the US because marketing is bigger, there are more people in the crew. Acting is taken more "seriously" in America, actors want to be "respected" there whereas in the UK they take it more lightly.

 11/ About Eddie Olmos
The more Eddie time you get, the better. At first he was intimidated. Eddie was like [cue mandatory EJO imitation]: "I watch everything you do, every scene." That was a bit scary. While shooting (especially episode '33') he was talking a lot about bombs and deaths and suicides.
But now he sees him as a very fun, goofy man.  The truth is somewhere in between.
He thinks Eddie is underestimated as a director. He just lets the camera be, which is true filmmaking. He never gives you instructions, just gestures "ok" with his hands.
Eddie wasn't invited at the last SD Comic Con so he… babysat Jamie's kids all 3 days.
"He's like a dad."

12/ Have you ever said "Frak" outside the show?
"What a frakking question!"
They all do. This could end up in the dictionary. "I don't know how we're getting away with it. Words are just noise, the meaning is what matters."

13/ If you could assign callsigns to your castmates…
Aaron = The Grinch because he's grumpy and steals stuff ("I know he's lovely with you but he's a pain in the ass with us!")
Eddie = Uncle
Katee = Meme because she's adorable but it's all "me, me, me"
Tahmoh = The Pout (and then he did the same imitation that Katee did at the SDCC haha)
I didn't write down the ones for Callis and Grace (or he couldn't find one?).

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