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[Review] G4 - Sunday talks - Luciana Carro  

Today, the guest star is Luciana Carro!

Transcriptor: hobbitofkobol
Thanks also to trucdeboulay and aurelianne

As always: Please credit the community if you use part of it!hobbitofkoboltrucdeboulayaurelianne

Luciana pictures are here

1/ What were your favourite shows as a kid?
The Cosby Show, I love Lucy and Sesame Street.

2/ What would you have liked to see happen with Kat?
She’d have liked to see Kat and Starbuck, two strong female characters, get along.

3/ Who would you like to work with?
Robert Downey Jr. She had lunch with him once.

4/ Which BSG character would you like to airlock?
Tori. She wept when she threw Cally out of the airlock. “Oh that B.I.T.C.H.!”

5/ Best and worst auditions?
“As long as I do a good job…” There was this one time where she had to strip to a song of her choice. It was embarrassing but fun.

6/ They asked her to do more episodes on the L-Word but she refused because she doesn’t want to do nudity.

7/ What would you do if you weren’t an actress?
She loves salsa dancing. She spent a lot of time writing lately.

8/ Did you go to the BSG boot camp?
She did not get any military training and didn’t know how to use a gun.
The gun expert told her “You look like a fairy!”
She was holding it like on Charlie’s Angels and then shooting like gangsters in movies.

9/ Did you have any pets as a child?
She had a dog who got run over. Now she has 2 cats, 2 dogs and a fish.

10/ She doesn’t do any voice-over work.

11/ Any part you’d really like to do?
She’d like to do the Diary of Anne Frank again soon. It’s a story that needs to be told over and over again.

12/ Any tricks from childhood?
She was the quiet child of the family. Her brother pretended to be dead on the side of the street once. He also put toothpaste in her eye. And she used to write notes pretending to be their mom.

13/ What was the strangest place where you were recognized?
In the casting office. They asked her to leave the room to recover and then when she walled in again they were like “Number one! Top Gun!”

14/ Do you travel a lot?
Not that much. She spent her preschool years in Italy. She went to Jamaica, and in Europe last year (Germany, Italy, The Netherlands). She got very emotional when she went to Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam.

15/ Who’s the best pilot, Kat or Starbuck?
Starbuck taught Kat everything she knew. And she has more experience and guts.

16/ (I have no idea what these notes mean: Nankin, 2nd unit. Billie Holiday music. Green screen. Slow dancing.)
Her favourite scene was punching Starbuck in the face, and her deathbed scene. She got really upset and in the moment, it was also the very last scene she shot.

17/ Her favourite episode of the series is… the last one. She loved Scar too.

18/ Her favourite playwrights are Shakespeare and Tchekhov.

19/ Her biggest regret about Kat is that she left everybody down when she was on stims. And the smuggling.

20/ Have you ever been hurt on set?
Her first time in the Viper because she was moving too much. She wanted to do her own stunt in Scar, the wheel thing. Then she felt sick all day long.

21/ What was your favourite actor as a kid, and have you ever been starstrucked by someone?
Yes, by Al Pacino.
“Are you Italian?”
“Me too!”
“I know!”

22/ Did you watch BSG before auditioning?
She watched it a bit as a kid. But the new one hadn’t aired yet when she auditioned.

23/ If you were to play Juliet, who would you want as Romeo?
Josh Harnett.

24/ Who’s the biggest influence in your life?
A friend of hers who’s recovering from breast cancer.

25/ How did you learn about Kat’s death?
She got the script delivered at home and her roommate opened it and described it to her on the phone. She got really excited, like “omg you have many scenes, the episode is centered on you and at the end they put your picture in the memorial!” She didn’t realize what it meant… Luciana did and then she got really upset and cried in the middle of the airport.

26/ What kind of role would be hard to play for you?
Someone who’s a victim.

27/ She’s the only one who ever asked what all the technical lingo meant!

28/ On BSG, they didn’t rehearse much, just on the day. blogspot hit counter
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