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Battlestar Starfury: Saturday talks

Notes : you know what ? typing 2-people talks = so much harder than for one person ! So sometimes I have quotes written down but I don’t know who said it, or I missed the question…

Disclaimer: I transcribed this from the notes I took during the talks so quotes are not exact.
Battlestar Starfury graphic from the official convention website.

Spoiler warning: A few hints to character evolutions in season 4.5 but that's it.

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Nicki: It’s like we’re on a talk show!
Jennifer: Do you watch talk shows ?
N: Not really, but I know Ellen wears suits and sneakers.
J: If I’m home watching TV at that time of day there’s something wrong.
N: Maybe if you’re doing research?

[more flash photos and no questions]

We’ll do an interpretive dance if you earn it.

1/ The deck crew of the Galactica is like the mechanics of the fleet. Who would you have on the calendar on your wall?

N: […]
J: Puppies!
N: That was a good way out! But who would be with the puppies?
J: You’re wrecking it.
N: Do you guys know puppy cam? It’s amazing!

2/ How did you feel when your character died?

N: (to Jenn) Do they know you die?
J: What???
N: I went through different stages. At first I was very upset. And then I was fine, I was like “it’s very good, I’m soooo fine with it.” But seriously, I have such faith in the writers that I was not worried. It made sense. It was not like “Uh-oh, I guess the request for soy milk didn’t go well”. I was sad but it opened up other things for me. [The airlock scene] was cool to film and brought a lot of closure.

3/ If you could have your own Cylon, what would you want it to do?

N: Clean up the poop of all the puppies.
J: I’m not gonna be original, clean.
N: But do you mean like a robot, or a person? What if you found out that someone you know was one? Being human is special, it would be everything would be a lie.
What about robot puppies?
J: Yeah!
N: And a Cylon to clean up after the Cylon puppies.
J: I have an idea for a new show, Cylon Puppies: The War Continues.

4/ If BSG were your creation, how would you end it and who would be the Final Cylon?

N: You do know that I created it, right?
J: That’s be cool if [the Final Cylon] were me!
N: I don’t know if it would end at all! But really, I like it when they make you think but still leave you with some answers.
J: As an audience you like when your time investment meant something.
N: BSG is so relatable. All that technology, you can wonder if it’s possible, if it could happen, and if if that’s we want.

5/ How did you get into acting?

J: Accidentally. I was doing other things, travelling a lot, social work, and I took an acting class. At the time it didn’t seem like a real job, more like a fantasy. Something snapped during a workshop. I was really experiencing someone’s words through me.
N: It was always something I loved. But I believed it was intangible, like a dream. When I was doing “Annie”, a friend of mine in the lay had an agent. Vancouver was booming at the time and I wanted to go to film school just to do anything that had to do with film. Then I decided that the aspect of acting was what I wanted. The turning point was graduation. Everyone had long blondish hair and I cut mine short and dark and got new headshots with that haircut. As I was different from all the blondes [Katee protests off-stage]…

6/ What was your favourite time on BSG?

J: Watching people work, like Eddie and Mary.
N: Working with Rymer. There was this one time when I was doing a scene where Cally hears an announcement, she slows down to listen to the somber news… and he told me “you look like you crapped your pants”. Some people would get offended but his remarks always make sense, and when he says it’s good, you trust him too.

7/ On BSG, it seems like supporting characters such as yourselves are better explored than on other shows. Any particular episode that was challenging?

N: Well, my “exiting” episode. It was very moving for me and the baby cried all the while when we shot the final scene. I think he could feel how stressful this scene was. He was played by Finn, the cameraman’s son, who would run around laughing when everything was being set up, and then when we were actually shooting, he’d cry all the time.
J: You know, my nephew almost played that part. Because once, they couldn’t find the baby.
N: They couldn’t find the baby?
J: I don’t know! But now I’m glad he didn’t do it.

8/ What do you think would have happened if Tory hadn’t been there?

N: It’s hard to say. She didn’t know who to trust, the only man she loved wasn’t who she thought he was, so anyone could be lying.

9/ About the female camaraderie on the show. (It seems like Cally had no one)

N: We bond as women…
J: … braid each other’s hair
N: … make it shiny.
J: Actually I never thought of that.
N: I tried to be your friend!
J: I’m sorry! I wasn’t listening!
N: When Cally is in Dr Cottle’s room, she pours her heart out, that show how much she needs a friend.
J: He seems so sensitive.

I don’t know where it came from but that’s when Jen started to talk about dressing puppies as BSG characters, for instance in a little red dress. And to make it a charity calendar. (I guess I was laughing too much)

11/ For Jen, how her social work background helped her with the situations she faced in the episodes.

N: Yeah, what would you tell Cally?

[Nicki is playing Cally, Jen is herself]

J: What brings you in today?
N: I don’t know if I can trust anyone, including you.
J: Is it because you’ve never seen me before or you didn’t know there was counselling?
N: I knew. I just thought it was stupid. So you write prescriptions?
J: For you I will.
N: Do you babysit?

Then there’s talk about Seelix grabbing Cally in space and going off on their own spinoff.

Wrapping up the talk.

J: I was very excited when I learned you were gonna be here.
N: I was very excited when I learned you were gonna be here.
J: Let’s do each other’s hair!

More pics here


1/ Sth about James singing on a show (I remembered it has Rock’n’Roll in it so according to imdb it might be “Sex, Chips & Rock n' Roll”).

He played the drummer and there’s a story about not being able to drum in rhythm because sound travels slower.

2/ Mark, why does Romo have an Irish accent?

M: David Eick gets confused with where I’m from. I tried to do it not too thick for the American audience to grasp it.

3/ James, there’s a lot of comedy going on with Head!Six. How much of that was you?

[As an airplane passes by – the convention took place at London Heathrow’s Thistle Hotel, James raises a finger and waits, as if he were on set]

J: I brought it to the party, at first they were unsure but after the miniseries they were convince this was the way to go. I just couldn’t take myself seriously next to Tricia. [Also, he decided early that Baltar would be] a bad liar.

4/ Dr Baltar is very different in the new series, he’s quite the ladies man. Anyone you still need to get trough?

M: [points at himself]

J: You know what I wrote in the cast&crew yearbook? “Where was the sex scene with multiple Six copies?” and “Where was the bed scene with Mary?”

5/ About impersonations of cast members.

J: They all do it behind your back. You say something and suddenly someone laughs and you find out that Aaron Douglas is doing you.

6/ Not sure about the question, maybe something about how far can Baltar go?

J: What about juggling while singing and escaping an airlock? Baltar doesn’t have limits.

7/ Does Baltar really believe in the Cylon God?

J: I don’t think so. It’s worse to be worshipped by crazy persons than prison. (Then he mentioned Life of Brian… “follow the shoe, the shoe!” “no, follow the gourd!”) What Baltar thinks is “if you’re a Cylon, it’s not your fault”. Maybe because he slept with so many of them.

8/ Mark, what if Romo is a Cylon?

M: Does it make a difference?

9/ Mark, how is it working with Joss again?

M: So he [James] gets an interesting question and I get “how is Joss doing?”. My character [on Dollhouse] is called Tanaka, I asked if I could keep that name.

10/ About working with props, like Romo’s sunglasses.

J: I have a Tricia Helfer prop! [In early scenes] I was smoking a cigarette and they were like “you can’t smoke!” But it’s not like Baltar is exactly a role model… (he also was really writing down stuff during the trial scene).

11/ Upcoming projects.

M: I play a guy called Tanaka [on Dollhouse]. My character has intersected a lot with Tahmoh’s. I worked on Leverage, a wonderful role. I played my father’s flashbacks on NCIS. I did Burn Notice, missed Tricia by a couple of days.
J: (About Merlin and the Book of Beasts) I was wearing hair extensions down to my bum, it didn’t match my real hair so they had to dye my real hair. I also had an amber blond beard… I looked like a homeless Jesus with a personality disorder. I was staying in a hotel and I got on the lift and that man looked at me, I could tell he was scared and he asked me “you have a room there, buddy? You’re staying long?” And I said “6 weeks”. And he gave me that look…
M: You should have said “and I’m Merlin”.
J: It’s fun, for teenagers, not like BSG.

12/ Is Baltar guilty or not?

J: He’s guilty of so many things, but not of the charges of the trial. The original Baltar was guilty. The new one is just an imbecile who’s vain enough to be talked into pushing a button. I had amazing defense!
M: There was never intent, so he’s not guilty.

13/ Did you think they’d ever find Earth?

M: I loved the show before I was on it. I always knew it’d have a beautiful ending.
J: Baltar is on survival mode, he never thought he’d see the end. For him it was “make it to lunch” and then “make it to tea”.
M: For me, that played so well, that manifestation of guilt.

14/ Mark, you said Romo was the saner person on the show…

M: … I was lying! I think putting the gun on Lee was not about the cast.
J: I didn’t understand that episode at all!

15/ About the scene with Tyrol in season 4 (when the Chief shakes his hand)

J: We both didn’t want to do it. Aaron was like “Why would I be listening to this shit?”. And the director told us “YOU talk and YOU listen!”

16/ I heard that the way Baltar lies is inspired from someone you knew in school?

J: He doesn’t know it’s him. He’s this guy, he’s ridiculously smart, a genius, he gets published… and he’s the worst liar ever.

17/ James, how do you manage to concentrate when Tricia is wrapped around you?

J: Quivering was very easy. Sometimes it was terribly hard to keep a straight face.

18/ About meeting famous people.

J: I literally bumped into John Hurt in Covent Garden about a year ago. I couldn’t say a word. I just looked at him and he walked off.
M: I was in a play (sth like name of the father? Can’t remember the exact name) and got introduced to Peter O’Toole who told me “you were wonderful in [name of the play]”.
J: I played an evil baddie in a movie and I met Peter O’Toole too. People were talking about going to war in Iraq and he said to someone: “define righteous for me”. Then the person answers and he replied “I’m sorry, that’s NOT the definition.”
He called me “Tiger”, I called everyone I know to tell them.

19/ What did you steal from the BSG set? Or anything you wish you had taken?

J: (points to the jacket he’s wearing) They gave it to me.
M: I had to pay for my pair of glasses!
J: I love books, I wish I had taken one from Adama’s quarters.
M: The dead cat in the bag. They actually made it. I don’t think they’re auctioning it off.

More pics here



K: Hi, my name is Katee and I’m a recovering alcoholic.

1/ Cain was trying to mold Thrace into the new Kendra. Had she survived, where would that have gone?

M: Yes, that was Cain’s wish, but the bond between Thrace and Adama was strong.
K: Kara is momentarily sidetracked from her objective, which happens a lot. She’d have followed her for a while.

2/ What scene/episode are you proudest of?

K: If I’m completely drained at the end of the day then I did my job well. It happened for many scenes on BSG… there’s a scene in the end…

3/ About working with really good actors.

K: I worked with Peter O’Toole when I was 21.
M: Sometimes the more inexperienced actors are more impressive.

4/ About character development.

K: Starbuck has been craving peace. She worked so hard to protect the people around her. That’s why she likes Adama. I want her to have a moment of profound clarity.

5/ About True Blood.

M: It’s a fantastic collaborative set where you feel very comfortable and welcome. I play a witty complex character.

[Somehow the conversation turned to Michelle’s first days on the BSG set]
K: “We like her… she can stay”.

6/ About light moments on set

M: The darker the show, the bigger the laughs.
K: We loved to joke around between takes. Sometimes I would cry with laughter and then they said “action!” and I was like “yeah! I already have the tears!”. I was never able to keep serious with Tahmoh. The crew thought we were on drugs. [For instance] we would ride the Arrow of Apollo like a horse.

7/ About working with Adrienne Shelley.

M: She was an extraordinary actress, we became good friends. We exchanged books of poetry.

8/ I can’t remember what this question was, even from the answer lol

K: I didn’t know Starbuck was a man in the original series. When I told my dad about being cast he said “oooooh really?”. Then I watched the show while drinking. They started to mention Starbuck so I was like “We missed her, they’re talking about her, where is she?” “Ooooh.” I turned it off and never watched more of it.

K: I’m from the generation: “if shit doesn’t blow up, I don’t want to watch it”.

K: I don’t think you have to go through the same things as the characters you impersonate. For “33”, Eddie wanted us to stay 5 days without sleeping and I said “no way, if I don’t sleep for one day, I’m already the biggest bitch”.

K: I’m scared of flying. Some people ask me “how fast can a Viper go?” “As fast as the crew can push it!”

9/ Battlestar Galactica or Star Trek?

M: Come on… are you serious? Nothing against Star Trek but it was 17 years ago!

10/ What do you watch on TV?

K: I’m obsessed with True Blood. I mostly watch Reality TV, CNN, the Discovery Channel, especially any kind of fishing show.
M: Oh I love you Katee. I love the Mighty Boosh, Never Mind the Buzzcocks…
K: I have no idea what these are.

11/ About Bionic Woman

K: BSG is so blessed to be on cable. Bionic Woman had a tremendous high beginning and then the next week it was half as good. So many things went wrong for it to survive on a network.

12/ If you could be a guest on any show, which one would you choose?

K: I’m obsessed with the Biggest Loser, but I guess I can’t be on it.
M: The Wire.
K: I would kill to be on True Blood, to be a vampire, to have superpowers. It would be fun to be on Heroes too.

13/ About Katee’s new show, Lost&Found

K: There are moments of pure comedy in it with these two weird characters. It’s like a cross between Chuck and House… and a bit like Crossing Jordan. My character’s best friend works in a morgue.

14/ Which other character would you like to play on BSG?

K: Baltar. But only James can do it. It would have been fun.

15/ About Michelle’s character on True Blood

M: It’s a great fun to play so many different characters.

16/ About regrets on BSG

K: [I regret that] Kara didn’t have any closure with Leoben in the end. She kinda loved him.

M: [My time on BSG] was a brief stint. I wish I had worked with more of the cast members like Tahmoh, Grace, Nicki… I think it would have been interesting to see her have a bigger power struggle with Roslin.

17/ Katee, who’s the best kisser?

K: Maybe Jamie because he’s my height.

18/ Katee, who would you rather see Kara end up with?

K: The way it end is the way I wanted.

19/ If you were to be on Heroes, which superpower would you like to have?

K: Telepathy, I’ve always wanted to know what people think.
M: All of them.
K: Like Sylar!
M: Who’s that?
K: (explains that he kills people to get their power)
M: Oh yes, that!

K: You know, I was watching America’s Next Top Model and they were asking this question to the contestants and one of them answered “firing bullets out of her boobs”. Of all the superpowers, why would you choose that!
M: Gravity is bad enough… And where would you load them?
K: (mimes where the bullets would be loaded – in the butt, as well as firing bullets with her boobs)

[giggles and tears of laughter on stage and in the audience]

20/ About the US Presidential elections

M: (She was in Montreal and suffered from a blackout right when the results were in so she panicked a bit)

More pics here


Note: Didn’t take as many notes as for the other talks… maybe because some of the questions were already asked many times in itws

1/ About working with Joss on Dollhouse

T: It’s a good experience, different from BSG. On BSG for instance sometimes you’d get a lot of praise for a scene but with Joss it’s like “good, moving on”. Joss is constantly cracking jokes on set.

[Tahmoh does the Joss dance]

2/ Did they use real rain for the scenes on Caprica?

T: Part of it was real and they also used rain towers.

3/ About the (infamous) New Caprica line (“They tried to live with us on New Caprica”)

Even Tahmoh thought that this line was not in character and he didn’t want to say it. In the end he had to so he tried to say it as if his character doesn’t believe in it.

4/ Do you get used to being a celebrity?

T: It’s not as crazy as that.

5/ About Caleb’s Hope (Caleb’s Hope is a humanitarian organization with projects in Kenya and Uganda with hopes to grow throughout East Africa and eventually worldwide. Their emphasis is women and child welfare, protection, and empowerment. For more information, go to

Tahmoh got involved in the project because he knows the president and founder Holly Dignard with whom he played on Whistler.

6/ About punching Tigh in the face

T: I think there’s a compliment in there, Tigh basically says “you could be a great leader”.

7/ About regrets on BSG

T: I would have like to work more with everybody. For example doing more scenes with James, Tricia or Mary.

8/ About the scene at Kara’s apartment

T: The director (Rymer) just let us sit there, he didn’t rush the scene. We had made the decision that they (Kara & Helo) were old friends from the academy, which make the scene even more interesting as it shows there were still things that he didn’t know about her.

9/ (what was the question?) Apparently, in an upcoming episode that Eddie directed, Tahmoh had a drunk scene with a good friend.

10/ About the cast

T: Katee is really goofy, we were joking around all the time. We thought we were hilarious but the crew thought we were on drugs.

T: With Grace we had an intense relationship on the show. We are from the same school, have the same techniques.

T: The boxing episode (Unfinished Business) was great because it’s rare to have all the group in the same scene.

11/ benelie: I read an article about you being in French immersion when you were young. Can you say a few French words?

He got shy and didn't do it because he's forgotten the grammar. (We did managed to make him speak a bit of French at the autographs later that day)

12/ About working with Joss

T: You don’t deviate from Joss’ script, he knows his stuff.

13/ Would you like to be on the Simpsons?


14/ About working on the main BSG set after the first season

T: Nobody would recognize me as I was always on location!

15/ Which other character would you like to play?

T: Adama (as in “Admiral”)

More pics here

Coming soon: Transcript and pics from Sunday

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