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Battlestar Starfury: Sunday talks

Disclaimer: As usual I transcribed this from the notes I took during the talks so quotes are not exact.

Notes: Better late than never?
Language: the F-word is used a few times. No, I don’t mean “Frak”.

Spoiler warning: nothing specific about season 4.5

Transcript: hobbitofkobol with the help of benelie when I had to leave for a photo session for Jenn’s first 6 questions!
- do not repost the talk transcript in its entirety, but link to the post instead

Pictures: benelie and aurelianne
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- please credit the community or benelie if you want to use them for icons etc.
LINKS: benelie's Sunday talks album and aurelianne's flick album


1/ Callsigns for the cast members

Nicki: something giggly like Chuckles
Aaron: The Grinch
Katee: Cracker Jack

2/ [She was supposed to die on Kobol and apparently they forgot to kill her. She didn’t even have a name, Aaron gave her one. At the beginning of season 2 she found herself back on the show with just a bullet in the leg. She was so surprised!]

3/ What did you know about the show before auditioning?

[She had never watched the series before but afterwards saw the miniseries and was hooked and watched season 1 in two days.]

4/ About her episode of Supernatural

[A very different show and experience but very interesting. It was like “Go go go!” “Shoot shoot shoot!” The fight scene was really fun and intense to shoot] (though it got cut? Sth about how on TV she’s hiding during that scene)

5/ (following a discussion on the BSG puppies calendar -> see Saturday talk) Which species of dog for each character?

Starbuck = golden lab
Baltar = pug

6/ [She would love to play a man. She gets called “sir” sometimes at home and thinks she looks quite angrogenous.]

7/ About the scene with Dean Stockwell

I didn’t want to mess up as he’s a great actor. And with Nankin, you don’t get many takes.

8/ About the movie “Limp”

[It was a long time ago, the first thing she did as an actress.]

9/ About her travels in Asia

That was so much fun, but I wouldn’t let my daughter do that. At one point I was supposed to go too Indonesia but met this one-legged Australian sailor and travelled with him for a while. I sent a postcard to my mom with his passport number.

10/ More about travelling + how did you feel the day before leaving?

I was petrified, sobbing. At that time you couldn’t check things on the internet before leaving. I was shy and had never travelled before. And then 6 months turned into 4 years!

I talk a lot with my hands because of that (the different languages).

I spent 3 weeks in a van in Japan.

In Hong-Kong there was a time when I didn’t have any money left, not even to pay the airport taxes. I had to sell my walkman and eat cereal from the hostel. I even stole food from a supermarket (an orange, some cheese)…

11/ What do you always pack when you’re travelling?

Now? Passport, tickets and Visa!

12/ About hostile experiences while travelling

- people looking in the shower
- cockroaches (hearing them)
- rats

13/ About speaking different languages

- learned Hebrew (confused it with French…)
- a bit of Japanese
- Bahasa Indonesian (great because there’s no grammar)
- a bit of Italian
- tried Mandarin, but that was hard

14/ [The first thing she did when getting a new script was checking if she lived]

15/ About using her experiences in social work and travels in acting

As an actor, you have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, it’s the same in social work or travelling.

16/ Did you steal something from the set?

Did NBC send you? [dramatically] I knew this day would come! Come on, take it!

I was given things in a “don’t tell anyone” way. I got my dogtags, and for a reason, Tigh’s dogtags. Now everybody will think that I looooove him and that I took hair from Katee’s hair too [laughs]. It’d be cool to have a Viper but I can’t stand being in it.

17/ Any regrets about BSG?

I wish I had a boyfriend, get some action! I’m happy Seelix became a pilot.

More pics here


1/ About Michelle on Lost

M: No you won’t see my character again. [Filming in Hawaii] was too hot!
N: You meant you were too hot. I translate for her.

2/ About Michelle on 24

M: It’s a great group of actors, it felt close to home. What was a bit of a drag was wearing the same outfit, in the same set, on and on.

3/ About BSG not being a male dominated world

N: It’s such an incredible opportunity to explore like that. But for me it’s hard to compare as I haven’t played on other shows.
M: I find it interesting that some of the males are quite nurturing, Adama for instance.
[after going into details] I just bored myself!

4/ Can you share any bizarre/funny fan experiences?

N: I’m not a celebrity but I’m recognizable to a certain… demographic. People in random places go to me and say “Oh, hey! I know you!”
“Do you watch BSG?”
“Oh my God! You look just like that girl! Do you get that a lot?”
“I am that girl.”
“Noooooo. What are you doing here, getting your tires fixed?”

5/ How is Hogan in RL?

N: Not as surly or sinister but he’s sarcastic, lovely and professional.

6/ Who’s your personal favourite character?

M: Cally.
N: …[to the audience] what was her character’s name? It’s a difficult question. I love James, he cracks me up. And I can’t take my eyes off Mary when she’s on a scene.

7/ About Cain as the least likeable character

N: I read the Cally hate message boards…

8/ What would you have liked to develop more about your character?

M: I would have liked to spend more time with the cast but [Cain’s] story was told… except for her former salsa career.

9/ About Cain’s backstory in Razor

M: I already thought her background was specific in the Pegasus arc.

10/ About working with Aaron

N: Playing with Aaron was always playful and relaxed. Acting on BSG was comfortable because of the rapport between the cast. [mention of the bootcamp]

11/ About the movie Swimming with Sharks

M: Shooting that movie only took 18 days, it was brutal. It was “a little film that could”.

12/ About Messiah

M: As an actor, you get to learn things you’d never have learned. For Messiah, it was sign language. It was a profound experience and I really wanted to get it right. It was a great honour to use it.

13/ How much warning were you given about Cally’s death?

N: I got a phone call in April/May and thought “uh-oh, they’re either doing a Cally spinoff or I’m getting killed”. They were very thoughtful. Then it was year before I could come “out of exile” (until it finally aired).
(She also didn’t know about Tyrol’s speech about Cally’s “dull, vacant eyes and cabbage smell”!)

14/ What do you watch on TV?

N: Life on Mars (US)
M: I adored the original.
N: 30 Rock, Fringe.
M: Spaced, The IT Crowd, The Wire

15/ If Cain had been in Adama’s shoes at the beginning of the series, would she have killed Roslin or followed her orders?

M: (thinks)
Person who asked the question: She killed her XO.
M: He had it coming.
P: She tried to get Adama killed!
M: She was just moody!

16/ About the favourite scenes of their characters

N: I really liked when Cally got shot and bit the tongue of that guy. It showed another side of her as she looks so young and innocent. My favourite scenes are when she’s snarly. I’m not confrontational in RL. I wished I were more.

17/ Things you would have made different on the show.

M: My only regret is that they never explored Cain’s salsa career. And her love for gardening. And crochet.
N: In general, Ii wish there’d been more quiet moments, and more bonding between the women.

18/ About ??? (a Canadian miniseries shot in Montréal)

M: It’s a dark tale. It was a beautiful experience, I’m proud of it. I loved Montréal, it’s like a bigger Baltimore. I had a lot of coffee and croissants!

19/ About auditions

M: It’s the worst process in the world.
N: Like, making out on command.

N: I had an audition for 30 Rock and I was like “omg I’m gonna meet Tina Fey, and become her BFF and bond… over so many things… in my head.”

20/ Who would win in a cage match? Adama or Cain?

M: Cain would lose. She would do.. girly… scratching.

21/ If you could pick one moment to encapsulate your character?

M: When she closes the dead soldier’s eyes in Razor.
N: When she helps Tyrol because she has small hands.

More pics here


1/ About the Final Four

T: Michael and Aaron were upset and grumpy for weeks when they learned they were Cylons.

2/ How would you analyze your characters?

M: As a fan, I’ve always enjoyed Tahmoh’s character, his evolution. And he’s quite the family man.
T: I heard Ron wrote Romo for Mark with no specific idea where this character was going.

3/ About Helo saying “it almost makes one believe in the Cylon God”

T: Helo is certainly not an Atheist but is not overly religious either.

4/ Will we see more of Romo in season 4.5?

M: I have a photo of Tahmoh holding a “more Romo” sign. Some fans of mine met Ron Moore and made him pose with the same sign. He told me “your fucking fans are everywhere!”. Hey, I’m not dead yet, I got a fucking dog!

5/ About the fake rumor that Dollhouse was to open for 24

T: Oh man, I did three interviews with this info… I was telling everyone that it showed the network’s confidence in us. But you know, we’re in the age of DVR… and the internet…
(points at the audience)
Do you download TV shows? I know you have! That’s okay.

6/ Joss Whedon is a huge BSG fan. How much hassle did he give you about the identity of the Final Cylon?

T: He only asked twice. I actually gave him the season 4.0 episodes about 2 weeks in advance. Watching BSG is his favourite thing to do with his wife. Back when there were talks about him directing an episode, he also asked “is there any way I can direct the episode and not know the ending?”

7/ About working with Joss Whedon

T: Joss is a multi-tasker, and he knows what he wants.
M: Somebody turned down my role! (is incredulous about this)

8/ How much did you know about the original BSG series?

T: I remember it aired when I was very young, I had Cylon toys and played with them with my friends.
At the Boot Camp, we watched a bunch of episodes.

9/ Something about the new commercial break strategy set for Dollhouse and Fringe… I have no notes about it

10/ About Tanaka, Mark’s character on Dollhouse

M: The part of Tanaka was written for someone Asian but I asked Joss is I could keep the name.
- Can I keep the name?
- I knew you’d day that!
- I don’t know, I could have married someone named Tanaka?
- That’s too much for FOX. Maybe you really liked your stepdad?

11/ About Firefly (I think the question was if Tahmoh had watched any Joss shows)

T: I really like Firefly but it was realy hard to find the boxset in Vancouver! I’m looking forward to watching Angel.
M: Joss’ dialogue is so fucking difficult to say sometimes.

12/ How many BSG episodes are there left?

T: About 13 hours?
M: Does anyone else see a dead cat? (that was in fact a stuffed cat :p)

13/ Is Helo’s calm nature something you chose?

T: He’s not always calm, he’s got a temper too.

14/ About becoming an actor

M: I fought it a long time because my dad is an actor too. But then I did a play in 1992… I’ve always loved telling stories.

15/ About how Helo is gonna grow old and not his wife

T: I think Helo is too occupied by danger and war to think about this!

16/ About the end of BSG

T: I die at the end by the way.
M: (doing Eddie’s voice) Everybody dies. (normal voice) I die tripping over my dead cat!

More pics here


1/ About the episode “Scar”

K: I love Luciana but for me it was hard to believe that Starbuck would be intimidated by another pilot. It sounded a bit out of character. I think she’d beat the shit out of her.

2/ a few questions on video! Courtesy of adeline :D

(about Hamlet, singing, Doctor Who & Nathan Fillion)

3/ About the order to kill Cain: would Starbuck have done it?

K: Yes, she would have done it but I don’t think she’d have made it out of it [the Pegasus] alive. Adama was sending her on a suicide mission and they both knew it.

4/ this question is again brought to you by adeline!

benelie asks about Gaius/Gaeta :p

5/ Gaius and Starbuck both have a really active sexual life. Which remaining character do you wish they had slept with?

J: How long have you got? There are so many beautiful women on that show. I was very excited to kiss Mary.
K: The Starbuck/Gaius angle was never really explored.

K: Michael Hogan makes a girl feel special.

6/ About fan-made stuff, especially fanfiction

K: I don’t go looking for them anymore. Once I read a story about me as a pornstar and I was really offended.
(Later on, she realized we thought she was talking about Starbuck, turned out she had read RPF… you can guess our reaction then!)

J: Someone gave a story to me, it was fantastic. I don’t go looking for it but I know it’s out there.

7/ About reading message boards

K: I made the error of reading boards at the beginning (when she got cast, exposing herself to the critics of Starbuck being played by a woman) and because of that I played Starbuck way too masculine in the miniseries.

8/ Gaius gets pushed around by women a lot. Is that you James?

J: In my defence, most of the time Six is either a strong robot or imaginary strong!

9/ About Lee & Kara both having masculine and feminine qualities.

K: They’re emotionally connected, almost the same person.

10/ About Starbuck’s frictions with Tigh: could it be because they’re similar?

K: I think Kara is her own person but she’s influenced by the men around her, especially those she respects. She’s desperately seeking a parent. Adama is like the good parent, and Tight the bad parent.

11/ Did you watch the original BSG?

J: I haven’t seen it since I was 8. When I remembered the original Baltar, I said “I don’t want to play that role at all!”

12/ Are you afraid of being typecast, of getting rid of your character?

K: There are worse things in the world than playing strong women. So this does not worry me. And it’s a change from real life as I’m not that confident.

J: I disagree with you. I think you’re strong and beautiful and talented and you brought real charm to the role.


13/ About the Kacey storyline

K: This little girl was so cute, she did like, 15 takes without moving a muscle.

14/ Did you take your character traits home with you?

K: She was a hard character to play, always sad, it was kinda depressing. At the end I was a wreck, not sleeping, internalizing her demons… I wanted to do her justice, to get it right.

J: Everybody was immersed in their characters, you can’t completely leave them.

15/ What was your worst audition ever?

J: 15 years ago my hair was orange and I had to go to this audition and decided to dye my hair black… with ink. So I ended up with black ink all over my face.

K: I’m such a klutz, I keep bumping into cameras.

16/ Which scenes were the most difficult to shoot?

J: The dubbing scenes, and the scenes in bed with Tricia. People are surprised when I say this.
“This was the hardest thing ever.
“Being in bed with Tricia Helfer???”
“No! Telling her to stop!”

K: The episodes where we used the rain towers. Once I even suffered from hypothermia.

More pics here

PS: Happy Birthday benelie!!!

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